Healthcare at the age of coronavirus

To meet the growing scale of epidemiological threat with SARS-CoV-2 virus, Emantic Sp. z o.o. decided to facilitate access to the medical class products offering basic protection to every person who wants to take care of themselves and their loved ones.
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Prevention is the key to success

Currently, fearful amounts of fake news regarding the state of health of the society, methods of protection and measures to combat the threat are duplicated in the network and social media. There is currently no solution, but there are methods to minimize the risk of infection.
Such methods include keeping a distance from people nearby, avoiding direct contact with objects that may be in contact with other people, and applying preventive protection. Such solutions include sanitary gloves and protective masks filtering the air. It is also good to measure the temperature periodically, which can vary if you have symptoms.

Products portfolio

For people who want to provide themselves with a complete set allowing for active prevention against infection, Emantic Sp. z o.o. has prepared a specialized portfolio that is now available to everyone.
Protective mask with N95 certificate providing filtering with an efficiency above 95% BFE in white color on grey background

Protective mask N95 / FFP3

Three-layer, hypoallergenic protective mask with N95 / FFP3 certificate providing antibacterial and antiviral filtering with an efficiency above 95% BFE.
Medical-grade IR thermometer with purple buttons and example temperature value at 36.8 C on grey background

Infrared thermometer

Medical-grade IR thermometer that provides almost instant and contact-free measurement of body temperature. High quality and measure precision.
Classic surgical protective three layer mask with ear helds in blue color on grey background

Surgical mask

Masks used in hospitals or operating theaters provide some protection against infections, minimizing the risk of respiratory infection.

Medical products at acceptable prices, without loss of quality

Doctor measuring blood pressure and pulse to a patient on his arm

EU Certification

Our products have certification confirming compliance with stringent EU standards.

For every budget

Products are available at prices much lower than market counterparts.

Highest quality

The products offered are of medical grade, are offered by a Polish distributor and undergo stringent quality tests.

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